Brynje Arctic Headband

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Brynje Arctic Headband. Unrivalled warmth and performance for the coldest days when it's too warm for a hat, but too cold for nothing! If you want warm ears, but still need to vent off excess heat, the headband is perfect. 

Brynje Arctic Double is the warmest in the Brynje range.

Used by Military Special Forces teams, skiers and mountaineers amongst others.

Made to be worn as a base layer in cold conditions, or as a layering piece, this innovative mesh and merino combination delivers warmth and wicking performance when you need it.
An outer Merino layer of 220g/m2 combined with an inner layer of Polypropylene mesh, traps air to keep you warm, while allowing your body to breath and release sweat vapour through the mesh, and away from the body. This allows for excellent body temperature regulation in cold conditions 


Technical specifications:

100% synthetic mesh lining

Exterior of 80% Merino wool and 20% polyamide

Weight 20 g

Material Weight: Shell 220 g / m2

Material Weight: net 140 g / m2

Brynje Arctic Headband
Brynje Arctic Headband