Drymax Lite Trail Running Socks

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The Lite Trail sock is Drymax #1 selling Trail sock. It’s evolved from the 2018 model to be lighter overall and smoother on the inside along with a seamless toe. The 1/4 Crew features our enhanced ankle padding to reduce debris entering the shoe, while the Turn Down leg feature makes for a cooler run on a hot day! Don’t let the “Lite” name fool you, this sock is ready to take on the most challenging trails

Drymax Lite Trail Running Socks have evolved from our 2018 model to be lighter, smoother and more robust. Designed to take on the most epic of trails, these streamlined trail socks feel downright plush. Advancements in our knitting techniques have resulted in breakthroughs of their appearance, seamless toe and elimination of yarn ends next to the foot which might cause irritation or blisters. The 1/4 Crew version features our unique Turn Down leg with enhanced ankle padding to reduce debris entering the shoe.


  • 3D ADVANCED FIT. Drymax's five sock sizes fit because they were developed on special 3D shaped foot models. Each size sock includes a (S, M, L, XL, or XXL) color size mark for easy match-up after laundering.
  • ACTIVE ODOR CONTROL .The MicroZap® antimicrobial in the Drymax® Fibers is a silver - zirconium phosphate ceramic ion-exchange resin. It fights odor-causing bacteria, helping keep socks odor free. Not a topical treatment; MicroZap is molecularly infused into our Drymax fibers. Being non-migratory and non-toxic, MicroZap provides long term Active Odor Control

  • COOLER FEET - All drymax Running socks with the exception of the Cold Weather and Trail socks, possess top and/or bottom air vents; designed to work with the built-in vent systems in the latest generation of breathable running shoes. These vents release heat/sweat vapors to keep feet cooler, drier and more comfortable

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65% Drymax/Olefin, 20% Polyester, 7% Elastane, 8% Nylon

WEIGHT : 45g (Size L)

Made In USA

Drymax Lite Trail Running Socks
Drymax Lite Trail Running Socks
Drymax Lite Trail Running Socks Size Chart