Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 15’

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Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 15’ Dark Green

This is the “classical” ALLY canoe, easy to manoeuvre and with high stability. The keel-line is slightly arched which makes the canoe easy to manoeuvre under all conditions, especially when paddling white water with technical difficulties. The canoe is made for 1-2 persons with gear, at the utmost 3 persons without gear. Large volume and high carrying capacity makes it suitable also as a family canoe. ALLY 15’ DR is splendid for fishing and its low weight makes it perfect on trips with portage. A typical all-round canoe for those who paddle under changing conditions on flat water and in rivers.

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Specially developed for Hiking. Also suitable for Hiking, Hunting, Expedition.

  • Weight: 18000 g
  • Length: 450 cm
  • Width: 94 cm
  • Width, gunwale: 91 cm
  • Width, waterline: 84 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm
  • Height, bow: 47 cm
  • Capacity: 310 kg
  • Packed dimensions (HxWxD): 112x42x50 cm

The Ally folding canoe is delivered disassembled.

For this canoe the following is included:

1 skin, 1 mat, 2 seats, 2 stems (bow & stern), 1 keel rod, 2 gunwale rods, 3 double chine rods, 7 cross ribs, 2 straps (short & long), 1 mallet, 1 repair kit