Piteraq Ski and Tent Bag

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The Piteraq Ski & Tent bag is a ski bag for backcountry skis up to 205 cm.

Long zippers makes it easy to pack skis, poles and other stuff, into the bag for transportation to your start point. The ends are reenforced, and the bag comes with a shoulder strap for easy carry.

The ski bag has also been designed to hold partially dissembled  winter tents used on expeditions. On such trips, it's a bid advantage to keep the poles in their channels, to save time and energy when pitching the tent. It is also a safety matter to avoid too many operations while pitching tents in cold temperature/strong wind.

The length of the bag provides enough room for the tent poles on the most common expedition tents like Nigor Spix and Hilleberg Keron 4. Just break the full tent pole where it enters the channel, roll up the tent and fit it into the bag.

Making life a lot easier on expedition -  Bring skis on the plane or train in the bag. While on expedition, you have the tent inside, and then skis in again on your return home.

Weight: 550 gram

Length: 200 cm

Diameter: 23 cm

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